Sewists have some dirty little secrets!

People look up to us. “You’re so talented!” they gush. “If I win the lottery I want you to make all my clothes!

Our friends praise our makes, shower us with Likes, beg us to hem their jeans! They admire our skills and that feels good.

But they don’t know about our shameful secret… a little skeleton¬† in the closet…

That’s right, those UNFINISHED PROJECTS!

Let’s get real. For every three or four cool things we make – there are those things, um, that we don’t make – or don’t complete.¬†Those patterns we cut out, then shoved them in an untidy pile to the back of our sewing table. That perfectly lovely garment we finished up but – dang it! – doesn’t fit quite right. It needs to be taken apart and altered – and we are over it. The project we fell out of love with half-way through. Those projects that were, it turns out, just a little too ambitious for our skill set!

If only someone would come along – a fairy Godmother – wave her wand, and just make it better!

Well guess what?

That someone is ME!

Yes, I provide this service! Yes, I can rescue your project! Yes, no matter how weird or half-done or wonky it is. Yes, I can do this!

You are about fifteen minutes away from not having to think about it ever again – from cramming it into a parcel, sending it off, and moving on with your life! The next time you see this – it’s finished!

So may I present:


That’s me, and that’s what I can do for you!

If you’re ready to qet a quote – hit the big button below! If you need to know more, skip down to the FAQ!


stash fabrics, Pryde Hantverk

Questions, you have them!

Are you sure you can sort out my mess?
Absolutely. That’s what you’re paying me for! I don’t just sew – I strategize! I put my big ol’ noggin’ to good use, and I figure out how to proceed. I’m a pro at this – relax and know your work is in good hands!

How much does it cost?
Each project is different – so that’s why it’s best for you to hit up my quote form to upload your photos, and describe the project! No obligation on your part. Let me do the thinking, and get back to you!

I already spent so much money on the fabric and pattern. I’d feel guilty spending more!
I totally understand! But don’t you feel guilty and frustrated, already? What is the cost for your peace of mind?¬†

Besides… we know that sewing isn’t exactly about cost-savings. You started this project because you were inspired. Maybe your inspiration petered out! Well I’m a powerhouse of energy – and I’m ready to love on your project as passionately as you once did!

Sound good? let’s do this!

sewing machine closeup, Pryde Hantverk
threaded needles, Pryde Hantverk
Measuring tape, Pryde Hantverk