Last year I picked up my chainstitch machine – and let’s just say it was love at first sight! Now I can embellish your favorite garments, craft stunning backpieces for jackets or workshirts – or make unique patches and banners! Patches are perfect for gifts, anniversaries, graduations, holidays – or to embellish your favorite garment or backpack!

Thank you chainstitch, Pryde Hantverk
Chaingang chainstitch, Pryde Hantverk
Gritty chainstitch, Pryde Hantverk

Well that’s all well and good but –


Chainstitch – or more accurately, chainstitch machine embroidery – is a historic, amazing technology from the Victorian era that is meant to emulate the look of handwork but at speed! 

Chainstitch is a combination of old-school well-tuned machinery, graphic design, and dextrous hand-illustration! You can see more of my chainstitch work here – or watch me stitch here!

are you ready to have the coolest gear on the block?

Let me design and stitch for you! You’ll have an entirely unique, custom piece – that will absolutely turn heads!