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Your favorite pair of jeans is your best friend! Except… they’re crumpled in the closet, crotch blown out, waistband popped – or otherwise unable to be worn!

Let’s get you two reunited!

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After you receive your quote you can mail your garment to me – or if you’re local, we can arrange a Covid-safe pickup!

Your garments are in good hands. I will love ’em as if they were my own! And I’ll get to work on my zero-waste, planet-friendly repair work! Win-win!



sit back, Relax, & enjoy!

Your garment will be cared for, repaired, and shipped directly back  – tidied up, happy, and ready to be worn by you again! Dance, sing, and clap your hands – your friend has come home!

No more hiding in the closet! Your favorite garment will enjoy many more years wear!

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My shirts came back to me looking brand new! To say I was amazed in an understatement. I didn't know this invisible of a mend was even a possibility. Traci is a master at her craft and I would recommend her without hesitation.
Ann Dolina, Pryde Hantverk
Ann Dolina
Couture Knit Artist
Traci turned our worn out wool socks into legit art. Now I steal them from my spouse so I can wear them for myself!
Rex Brown
Hobby Sewist
I send my pieces - retail to high-end custom - to Traci because I am completely confident in her skillset, professionalism, and meticulous finishing. Her work improves the planet. I unreservedly recommend her services!
Pryde Hantverk and Kelly Hogaboom
Kelly Hogaboom


Traci Kay Pryde of Pryde Hantverk

Is repair worth it?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Garment repair can be more expensive than the original purchase! And this is confusing. Because Yes, we’re emotionally attached to our favorite clothes. But does that attachment justify further expense?

It usually does! And here’s why:

You love your garment! This is why it wore out in the first place! This is why you’ve hung on to it this long! No more telling yourself you’re going to get to it sooner or later, or waiting for a friend to fix it for you!

Buying new clothes sucks! Assuming you can find a replacement out there – and that’s a big assumption – there’s all that time shopping (driving or yet-more screentime shopping) – and then it may not even fit? But WHY? Your garment is right there, and it already fits you perfectly! (Unless you need a little alteration – in which case, I got you!)

It’s better for the planet! The best personal choice we can make for sustainability, is to 1. source clothing that we love; and 2. honor our clothes through care and repair! I ship using recycled and compostable mailers from EcoEnclose, or repurposed packaging. Repair is the most eco-friendly thing you can do, for your garment!

No more obsessing or letting this garment (literally and figuratively) clutter up your closet! I can bring the love that you know your garment deserves! Let’s face it, I’m your (tattooed and fierce AF!) Mending Magician and I can solve your problem!

Traci Kay Pryde of Pryde Hantverk